It is important for you to realize how weather will impact the life of your new roof. The primary function of your roof is to protect you and your family from the different outside elements. Weather is going to cause wear and tear to your roof throughout its life. That is inevitable. However, how fast the wear and tear affect the life of your new roof depends on the amount of extreme weather it experiences.

Your roof is impacted most by straight-line winds during tornados, snow storms, hail storms and heavy thunderstorms. These winds will rip your shingles off if they were not installed properly and can lead to needing a roof replacement. Snow and hail usually don’t have an immediate impact on the life of your new roof, but the more of these elements it is exposed to the shorter the life of your roof will be. Tornados usually cause extensive damage or even total loss, usually requiring a full roof replacement.

It is inevitable for your new roof not to experience wear and tear from the weather. There isn’t anything you can change about the weather, but knowing how it might impact the life of your new roof is important. Asphalt shingle roofs usually last 25 to 30 years under ideal conditions and standing seam metal roofs usually have a lifespan of 30 years, but can last up to 50 years in ideal conditions. With cedar shake roofs you can expect to get about 30 years of life.

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