Strong winds are one of the largest threats to a house’s roofing system, but how exactly does it damage the roof? Here’s a few basic ways on how wind damage occurs to a roof.

The materials used and how each component was installed are things that can affect how likely your roof will suffer from wind damage. When it comes to materials, you get what you pay for. If you install low-quality roofing materials, you are installing less durable components. Mistakes during installation can also magnify these weaknesses.

You can usually spot a wind damaged roof by looking for shingles or panels that appear to be ripped away from their original location. This occurs when the roof’s surface has a big gap allowing strong winds to blow into it and lifting parts of your roof. This problem is usually more evident in roofs with eaves, where strong winds can get under the soffit. This is why gutter installation companies recommend having your soffits checked for gaps.

Wind damage to a roof can also lead to moisture damage. These two go hand in hand, especially during rainy weather. When a shingle or panel is torn off by wind, there is a big gap on the roof’s surface where moisture can seep through. This exposes the entire roofing system to moisture or water damage.

Regardless if you are replacing a roof or having your current roof check for damage, it is advantageous to seek help from local roof repair contractors. Following storms there is always an influx of roofing companies to the area, and they don’t always offer a quality product. Local roofers know the climate in the area and can recommend options that are best for the weather conditions your roof will be exposed to.

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