If your roof is not well-maintained and regularly inspected, there is a large number of issues that could occur, including unhealthy mold growth and structural damage. If you have seen water stains or actual water coming from the ceiling, you may have a leak. Repairing leaks immediately is essential to keeping your roof in the best condition, but how do you know where the leak is coming from? Below are common problem areas you can check to find your home roof leak.

Shingles and Other Materials

The actual shingles or other roofing materials on your roof could have damage that is allowing moisture or precipitation into your home. Damaged shingles may be cracked, buckled, corroded, or completely missing. You can also look for granules on the ground surrounding your home or nails that are backing out or missing. Be sure to check the area where trees hang over the roof as they can also wear out your roofing.

Chimneys and Skylights

The more extra features on your roof, the higher chance water can get in. Chimneys and skylights can be both aesthetically appealing and functional, but without proper installation it is easy for water to penetrate the roofing materials around them. You should have a professional inspect the installation and the seams to make sure it is all sealed correctly.


Flashing is located round vents, chimneys and other areas where there’s an intersection or angle in the roof. The purpose of flashing is to guide water in another direction rather than seeping down into a seam on the roof. When flashing is not properly sealed or installed water can flow underneath and damage your home. When inspecting your roof look for loose flashing, ripped pieces or missing areas.

Hire a Professional

If you are worried about the condition of your roof it is important you contact a professional for an inspection. Contact Texan Roofing Pros today at 210-850-0100 in the San Antonio area or 956-450-3160 in the Rio Grande Valley.