A tree falling directly on your roof is one of the worst things that can happen to your roof. This can leave a gaping hole in the roof structure as well as extra strain on the surviving structural components. Quick response is crucial in dealing with these issues. Here are four things we recommend completing if you do have a tree fall on your roof.

  1. Asses the Damage
    Gather as much information about the damage to your roof as you can. Record when the tree fell on your home, the size of the hole and any specific part of the roof that got severely damaged. The more details you have about the damage the easier it is for the roofing company to form a plan for fixing your roof.
  2. Cover the Hole
    The more time the damaged portion of the roof is exposed, the more vulnerable your home will be to the elements. Do your best to cover as much of the hole as possible with a tarp to keep water or other elements from getting in. You can get rid of smaller branches, but leave the larger trunks and let the professionals deal with those when they arrive.
  3. Contact Your Insurance Company ASAP
    Repairing a roof can be a very expensive process, therefore filing an insurance claim is highly beneficial. To increase your chances of having your claim approved by making a strong case, collaborate your assessment with your roofing contractor. Contacting your insurance company ASAP also reduces the risk of your claim getting denied on grounds of neglect.
  4. Choose a Certified Local Roofer
    Repairing the damaged roof requires more than just removing the debris and fixing the hole. Repairing or replacing your roof should end with you having a roof that meets local building regulations and can survive your area’s local climate and weather conditions. Local certified roofing companies are familiar with the local building regulations and the local climate. It is beneficial to limit your hiring options to local contractors and not those companies that appear after a major storm.

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