A vital investment for your home or business is a roof purchase. If you are investing in a roof, you will also want to invest in a roof warranty. However, before purchasing a warranty, make sure you are informed about the types of warranties available and what is covered with each one.

Installation Only
Roof defects are covered by the installation only warranty. This only covers roof defects that are due to improper installation.

Labor Only
Labor costs are covered by the labor only warranty; it does not cover materials. If you are looking to purchase this warranty, it is critical that you have a clear idea of what’s covered under a labor only policy.

Materials Only
A guarantee that your roof holds up to specified roofing defects are covered by the materials only warranty. This warranty does not protect against roof damage due to a faulty installation or if you do not properly maintain your roof.

System Warranty 
Materials and labor costs are covered by the system warranty. This warranty is offered by the roof manufacturer and may protect you if installation failure occurs. This warranty will not cover you if your roof damage is from lack of maintenance.

Manufacturer’s Warranty 
Labor, material and system warranties can be included in the manufacturer’s warranty. It does not protect your roof from all damages, but it is designed to safeguard against roof damages to non-manufacturer provided components of the roof. This warranty usually last for 10 to 30 years. Not all warranties are the same, so be sure you have a precise understand of what goes into your warranty.

Be sure to pay close attention to the warranty options that are important to you when when purchasing a new roof. This is an expensive investment and should be worth your money and last for an extended time. In the case that anything goes wrong, it is crucial to have a warranty. Usually, if something does go wrong, it is simple enough to be fixed with your warranty before the problem becomes a bigger issue. Call Texan Roofing Pros today to get a free estimate on your new roof!