A crucial part of the integrity of your home is the health of your roof. You can catch the damage early enough to make adequate repairs with knowledge of the top most common roofing problems. Here are the most notable issues.

Roof Leaks
Your roof is exposed to all elements. Wind, hail, rain and snow may lead to moisture inside the roof. If this occurs mold and rot are the next step.

Faulty Installation
A poorly installed roof leads to bigger problems. In order for your roof to have a long lifespan it needs to be installed by a professional and up to standards.

Poorly Installed Flashing
Flashing seals areas such as skylights, chimneys and vent pipes. If not installed properly it can lead to open seams and blown off shingles.

Pooling Water
Water pooling on your roof normally occurs from debris buildup or from HVAC units that don’t drain properly. It may also be a result of gutter problems.

Ventilation Problems
Ventilation regulates moisture levels and temperature. Ventilation issues may lead to costly energy bills and mildew problems.

Critter Infestations
Small birds and animals can cause a significant amount of damage to your roof. In the case of an animal infestation, you want to take care of it as soon as possible.

Overhanging Limbs
Tree limbs may rub the roof and wear away at the top layer of your shingles. Be sure to trim your tree limbs back as much as possible. A tree should never be a threat to your home.

Shrinkage or Blistering
The roof membrane may shrink and cause crack s in the upper layer. Be aware of blistering, splitting and surface erosion.

Improper Maintenance
Your roof needs regular inspection. With proper maintenance, you can control any issues that may occur with your roof.

It’s crucial you know the most common issues when taking care of your roof. The more you know the more likely your roof is to last. Contact Texan Roofing Pros today for help with all your roofing needs!