Installing a new roof is an expensive investment. Yes, you should do your research to find the best option in your area, but also be sure you don’t cut any corners just to save a few dollars. This could cost you big bucks down the road. As with any investment, weigh your options before making a decision on how to maintain it, but avoid these things when making decisions on how to preserve your roof.

1. Repair or Replace the Roof Yourself 
Unless you are an experienced roofer or have extensive knowledge in roofing, you should leave roof work to a certified professional. Removing an old roof is dangerous and difficult work. Many times we receive calls from distressed homeowners who have started the process themselves, only to realize they had taken on too much. Homeowners believe they can save money by removing their old roof themselves, however, this can cause more damage and cost more in the long run. Certified roofers have the proper safety equipment, knowledge and skills to complete a roof repair or replacement from start to finish.

2. Purchasing Your Own Materials
It is tempting to go to the local hardware store and purchase your own materials with the intent to save money. However, this is something you should leave to your contractor as well. Allowing your contractor to purchase needed supplies ensures you have the correct products and quantities. Contractors may also have access to better pricing as they have established relationships with suppliers and many times are able to buy in bulk for multiple projects. Certified professional roofers are also able to provide warranties on workmanship and materials for your roof.

3. Installing Products That May Cause Damage
Without proper knowledge of roofing materials and products, you may actually install something on your roof that causes more damage and creates problems. Rain diverters can actually cause more harm than good, as they force water to back up under shingles. Flush mounted skylights are another product that can cause problems. Many times these products are not able to support high volumes of water and result in leaks. Allow your qualified roofer to help you decide what products are best for your roof.

4. Not Hiring a Certified Roofing Professional
Make sure you research and find a reputable contractor to complete the work on your roof. Remember that price is not the only factor to consider when it comes to the service you receive. You want a company with integrity and a high rating, that extra dollar may be worth it!

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