One of the first signs of spring is warmer weather, an indication it’s time to schedule roof maintenance for your home. Knowing where to start may be difficult. Below are three routine roof care cleaning tips to follow.

1. Out Your Gutters

The first thing you want to do is clean out any debris from the gutters and surrounding areas. The gutter canal can be blocked by twigs and damp leaves and can even cause damage to your siding and roof if not cared for properly. For best results, hire a professional contractor to help you correctly and safely clean out the gutters.

2. Check the Roof Shingles

Once you have removed all the debris from the roof and gutters, you need to check the shingles on the roof. You will need to replace any shingles that are loose, broken, cracked or curling. This is also the opportune time to look for missing nails or check for any that may be sticking up. These issues need to be fixed before any shingles fly away. You may need to replace your roof if it has sustained too much damage. This should be completed with the help of a roofing expert.

3. Check for Water Damage

Lastly, you need to check for signs of water damage. Your roof may have crack or soft spots. If you do observe water damage or a leak, it is critical to complete repairs as soon as possible in order to prevent further problems, such as rot, occurring. To ensure damage is fixed properly you should hire a profession to complete the repairs.

Preventative Maintenance is Key

The perfect time for roof checks and maintenance is Spring. Inspections usually include preventative measures to help increase the effectiveness and longevity of your roof. Allow Texan Roofing Pros to ease your mind about roof maintenance. Contact us today!