The layer of material below the felt underlayment beneath your shingles and over the rafters is called roof decking or sheathing. Roof decking is installed with plywood, oriented strand board or made with boards using a tongue-and-groove joint. These boards allow excess moisture to evaporate through the attic but also keep rain and snow out and moderate moisture levels of your home.

A professional roofer’s expertise is needed to determine if your roof decking requires a repair. There are a few noticeable things you can look for when you have roof decking issues: curling shingles, missing shingles, roof leaks, mold and mildew in the attic, stains on interior walls, deterioration around vents and skylights and visible sagging of the roof.

DIY roof deck fixes are strongly discouraged as repairs are usually only a temporary solution which makes replacement a better option. This is a job that is better left to licensed professionals. This will prefer further damage to your roofing system. There is also the possibility that mold and mildew develop after you have completed a repair, which can cause rotting and weaken the support system of your roof. As stated previously, roof decks are typically made of wood or composite wood fibers leaving them susceptible to moisture damage. More often than not, if you observe any of the signs listed above, your roof decking will need to be replaced rather than repaired. Routine scheduled maintenance and inspections of your roofing system can help prevent roof decking to become damaged beyond repair.

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