Gutters are an important role of your roofing system, as they channel rainwater safely away from your property. An important part of any roof installation job is choosing the correct style, type and size of gutters for your home. The two most popular types of rain gutters are sectional gutters and seamless gutters.

Sectional Gutters
Sectional gutters are usually cheaper to install than seamless gutters. While the cost is cheaper, the performance of sectional gutters is not as great as seamless gutters. Another trade off is longevity of the gutters; seamless gutters tend to last longer than sectional gutters. As the name suggests, sectional gutters are made up of sections that connect together to create the system, which also makes these gutters more vulnerable to leaks.

Seamless Gutters 
Seamless gutters do tend to cost more than sectional gutters initially, but there are multiple benefits that make this cost worth the investment. Seamless gutters are more durable and easier to maintain. They are less vulnerable to clogging issues than sectional gutters. The streamlined appearance of seamless gutters improves the curb appeal of your home. These gutters are also often made on-site so that they can be tailored to your home.

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