It’s October and there are plenty of scary creatures lurking around, but don’t let your roof be part of your Halloween decorations. Failing to schedule routine inspections of your roof can lead to some chilling discoveries. Here are a few of the scary things we find during routine maintenance of roofs.

Insulation that has gotten wet attracts bugs and insects to gather on your roof. This can lead to roof leaks.

Mold and bacteria also grow in and on wet insulation. This can lead to an entire host of problems in your home or building.

Leaves, branches, trash and other foreign objects can cause trip and fall hazards. If these things collect on your roof it can lead to shingle damage. They also will clog your gutters, not allowing the gutters to drain properly.

Water Leaks
Pooling water on your roof can create a compromised membrane and result in a leaking roof.

Routine maintenance help you avoid frightening problems down the road. Roof inspections can increase the lifespan of your roof and save you time and money. Have you scheduled your routine roof inspection? Texan Roofing Pros recommends having roof inspections performed at least twice a year.  We offer a FREE inspections and estimates! Contact Texan Roofing Pros today! We proudly serve the San Antonio, Austin and Rio Grande Valley areas.