An energy efficient roof can save you money and elevate the comfort of your living space all year long. Energy efficient roofs also have a longer lifespan than conventional roofs. Texan Roofing Pros can install your new energy efficient roof when you are ready to make the change. Below are a couple of ways you can save money with an energy efficient roof.

Proper Insulation
One way of achieving energy efficiency is insulating your roof. The insulation stops heat and cooled air from getting into or escaping your home. If you have no intention of replacing your roof in the near future, insulation is a great energy efficient addition. You will also need to ensure the entire house is insulated including the basement and attic. Holes or leaks on the walls, windows and doors of your home will also need to be sealed.

Light Colored Roofing Materials
Any time you are wanting an energy efficient roof you must determine the material’s ability to deter unwanted heat. In most cases, a light-colored roof will be better than a darker one, but not always. Lighter colors are ideally more reflective; however, if the material used to make it is not energy-efficient it will not do you any good. A dark energy star-rated roofing material will outperform a lighter material that is not designed to be energy-efficient. This is the reason it is advantageous to choose the material first.

One way to lower your monthly utility and energy bills is by installing an energy-efficient roof. The tips above will enable you to save money through energy conservation; however, the only way to ensure that your roof is energy-efficient is by working with a reputable roofing company such as Texan Roofing Pros. Call us at 210-850-0100 (San Antonio) or 956-450-3160 (Rio Grande Valley) to set up your appointment!