There are approximately 500,000 ladder-related injuries treated in the US according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. A majority of these injuries occur at homes where people are performing roof repair or gutter cleaning activities. Although these maintenance procedures are high-risk, they are necessary. However, there are several ways to reduce the dangers involved in keeping your gutters from clogging. Texan Roofing Pros is here to offer tips on how to effectively keep your gutters and roof clean without risking accidents or injuries.

Trim Trees and Plants
Surrounding trees are well known for dropping large amounts of leaves and twigs on your roof and in your gutters. Trimming overhanging branches to keep them from above your roof can greatly decrease the amount of cleaning necessary. Hiring a professional for this job is another way to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Hire A Professional
A gutter installation and maintenance contractor will be well equipped with the right tools and training to handle working at high levels. Allowing a professional to take care of the daunting task of gutter cleaning will essentially reduce your risk to zero. A professional can also inspect your roof and gutters for any potential issues.

Install a Gutter Guard
Gutter protection systems focus on clogging problems at their source by restricting debris from getting inside the gutter and downspots. This also protects your flashing, skylights, shingles and other structures on your roof form water damage. In the winter, dangerous ice dam formation is also reduced by gutter shields.

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