The majority of people do not consider the amount of damage that birds, animals or trees can do to their roof. Birds are often one the leading damaging causes of roof issues, but are often overlooked.

One of the most damaging things to roofing materials is bird droppings. They are highly acidic and can eat away many types of roofing materials. This is highly prevalent in tar-based roofing materials. Another issue created by birds are nests, especially in gutters. The nests block drainage and create water pooling on your roof. This water can seep under your roofing materials and cause mildew, mold and rotting.

Other animals can also cause issues with your roof as well as other parts of your home. Small animals love to take up residence in your attic when possible. Squirrels can cause severe damage through leaks by chewing through trim, siding and shingles. The longer small animals reside in your attic, the more protective layers they will chew through which leaves your home vulnerable to water damage and mold.

Tree limbs hanging over your roof can also cause issues. Birds love to build nests in trees and if the limbs are hanging over your roof, the bird’s acidic droppings can cause issues. After a rain, water will continuously  drip on your shingles which leads to erosion. Debris such as fallen leaves can also hinder water drainage. Fallen limbs can also cause serious structural damage. You should always trim back limbs that are hanging over your roof to prevent such damage.

Regular roof maintenance by a local roofing company such as Texan Roofing Pros is the best way to prevent damage from animals and trees. There are many maintenance options ranging from annual, biannual to quarterly maintenance. Many times the recommended amount is based on the type of roof you have. This maintenance will save you money, maximize the life of your roof and give you peace of mind. Texan Roofing Pros also recommends having your roof inspected at least once a year.

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