Your roof should be prepared for winter weather, just like other parts of your home. Roofs require regular inspections and maintenance to make sure it is prepared for the rough weather during cold months and to perform at optimal condition. Here are a few steps to help prepare and strengthen your roof for winter.

Clean Debris
Your roof collects dust, dirt and other debris each day. Trees deposit seeds, grass, twigs, leave and other small branches. If these collections are not removed, the debris will college moisture and can put your house at risk for mold and algae and rotting.

Clean Gutters
Clogged gutters can block water from safely draining. If you do not remove leaves before the winter months, you could have clogs in the downspouts. This eventually causes water to overflow onto your roof and may allow water under the shingles and lead to moisture damage. Gutters can also be damaged by the extra weight from wet leaves.

Air Flow
Proper attic ventilation plays a critical role in keeping your roof in top condition. Your roof’s life can be shortened by a poorly ventilated roof. You also should inspect your attic’s insulation and replace any insulation that looks damaged, frayed or crumbling. You may also need to add insulation to poorly covered areas.

Trim and Remove Branches
Any branches that are hanging over your roof should be trimmed and removed. This prevents damage to your roof in the case that branches break due to high winds or freezing limbs.

Schedule a Roof Inspection
If you notice any damage, regardless of how small or large it may look, call a professional roofing company, such as Texan Roofing Pros, and schedule a roof inspection. A licensed and professional roofer will have the expertise and appropriate tools to complete a full assessment and perform any repairs necessary.

Following these guidelines will prepare your roof for all the extreme weather that winter may bring. Knowing your roof is in good condition will provide peace of mind when bad weather moves through. Let Texan Roofing Pros winterize your roof before it’s too late! Call us at 210-850-0100 (San Antonio) or 956-450-3160 (Rio Grande Valley) to set up your appointment today!