As fall approaches and cooler weather arrives, it is important to prepare your roof for the season change. Below are a few tips for checking your roof for signs of damage.

Clean Off Debris
One of the easiest things you can do to maintain your roof’s integrity as the seasons change is to remove any debris or building from the roof. You may be able to do this yourself or you can hire a professional if you are concerned about time, safety or effort involved. Leaves that have gotten caught, trash blown in during a storm, or dirt or mud that may have collected on the roof should all be removed.

Inspect the Flashing and Sealant
The roof flashing is one of the most likely places to form a leak. Carefully check around those areas and anywhere sealant has been applied. This is common in areas where there are antennas, chimneys, plumbing or stacks. If you notice any breakdowns or wearing, be sure to have those areas resealed.

Clean the Gutters
As colder weather hits, one of the worst things for your roof are gutters that do not drain properly due to blockage. If water backs up in your gutters and is not able to drain as needed it can cause leaks, flooding, freezing or other damage. Check your gutters and other areas where water drains to ensure it is free and clear from debris or other blockages.

Inspect Your Shingles
Look at your shingles and evaluate their current condition. If any shingles are chipped, peeling, majorly discolored, damaged, missing or do not seem uniform with the rest they need to be replaced. Your shingles work together to keep your roof strong and damage free, but are only effective if all the pieces work as they should.

Check Your Attic and/or Ceilings 
Don’t forget to check the interior of your home when taking care of your roof. Look at your ceilings and in your attic for water stains or other signs of roof damage. If you notice any damage or out of the ordinary, contact a professional roofing contractor to have it repaired immediately.

Schedule a Roof Inspection
Before the cooler weather moves in, schedule an appointment to have your roof professionally inspected. A professional roofing contractor is able to identify damage, signs of weakness or other problems that may get worse over the fall or winter that you may not recognize.

Schedule Necessary Maintenance
If your professional roof inspection reveals any issues, have them repaired as soon as possible. If you delay repairs, small issues may turn into big, expensive problems. Preventative maintenance can keep your home protected and costs down in the future.

Monitor Your Roof
Even after your initial inspection, keep an eye on your roof periodically to make sure there are no drastic changes, especially if you have a bout of severe weather.

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