A new year presents an opportunity to start fresh in many aspects of your life, including your home. There are some home repair projects that are very obvious, such as plumbing or AC, but many times problems on the outside of your home are not. One area of your home prone to neglect is the home’s room. Many times, it’s out of sight and out of mind. However, missing subtle warning signs of roof damage can be costly. If your roof has any of the following warning signs or is over 15 years old, it may be time for a new one!

The easiest way to know if your roof has reached its maximum lifespan is to have a local professional roofing contractor complete an inspection. Roofing experts can usually give you an estimate of how many more years you can expect out of your roofing system or if it needs to be replaced now.

Missing Shingles
The shingles on a roof are made to stay put but due to weather or other elements, they can loosen and wear out over time. Missing or loose shingles are a warning sign that you may need a new roof and requires immediate attention. If any area of your roof is left exposed to the elements, it can allow moisture or water to enter your home and cause further problems.

Cracked or Curling Shingles
Heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun can do a number on your roof. Over time and after extended exposure to heat, your roof’s shingles can become brittle and crack or curl. This is another way that water can enter your home. Many times this damage is impossible to see from the ground, so it’s best to call Texan Roofing Pros for a professional inspection and prevent you from injury while getting on the roof.

Your Neighbors Are Getting A New Roof 
Do you notice that your neighbor or neighbors are getting a new roof? It is important to notice this as your homes were more than likely built around the same time and has been exposed to the same amount of weather, storms, temperatures, etc. If so, you should call Texan Roofing Pros for a roof inspection ASAP!

Moss or Algae Growth
If you have large trees around your home, you may have noticed leaves and other debris piled up on your roof. This building is not good for your roof and roofing materials and can cause moisture to build up underneath it. Over time moss or algae may begin to grow and damage your roof system. If you notice large brown spots or patches on your roof it may be airborne algae. This is not necessarily harmful, but can be unsightly and can lower your home’s curb appeal. Most modern shingles do have built-in protection to prevent growth of this algae.

The easiest and best way to know if you need a new roof is to contact the professional roofers at Texan Roofing Pros for a full inspection. Texan Roofing Pros is ready to complete your roofing repairs or install a new roof today! Call us at 210-850-0100 (San Antonio) or 956-450-3160 (Rio Grande Valley) to set up your appointment!