Your roof is an essential feature of your home that prevents water damage and other hazards. There are multiple materials and layers that make up your roof. Understanding how these materials are used will make you better prepared to notice signs of damage that may require a roofing repair service.

Shingles or Metal Sheeting
Most residential and many commercial roofs have asphalt shingles or metal sheeting as the exterior layer. This layer is most prone to damage, so it is a good idea to visually inspect this area periodically for missing shingles, signs of rust on the metal or other hazards. Asphalt shingles typically last around 15-20 years and metal roofing usually lasts as long as 50-75 years.

Decking and Underlayment
The main structure of your roof is decking. This is typically made of plywood or OSB, however some commercial roofs use a decking of concrete or metal. Underlayment, used to improve water resistance, is placed between the decking and asphalt shingles. The only time this layer will have issues or signs of wear will be when water has leaked past your shingles or metal.

Insulation and Support
The bones of your roof are metal or wood joists. This support structure keeps your roof strong even during high winds or other weather-related issues. Joists can be flat or angled depending on the size and type of building. Insulation is found between the joists. Fiberglass is the most common insulation, but there are a number of other types. Insulation keeps hot or cold air in your home or building and improves the energy efficiency of your structure.

Invest in Professional Roof Installation or Repair
Contact Texan Roofing Pros today to learn how to spot signs of roof damage. A qualified and licensed roofing contractor will inspect your roof and offer affordable installation or repair services if needed. Protect your property by investing in expert repairs and long-lasting materials on a new roof.