America has steadily moved into what resembles a residential seller’s market; however, buyers are not without options. Many buyers are also withdrawing from the market as home prices go up. A beautiful home motivates even the most reluctant buyer, as it’s the first impression in deciding the value for money.

The Shape

Many times the first thing buyers recognize about a roof is its shape. Some people prefer home with certain roof shapes. For example, some potential buyers prefer steep A-shaped roofs that can fit an attic with standing space, while others prefer flat roofs that can hold a terrace. Obviously you can’t create a roof that suits all preferences, but you can make sure yours is a high-quality option of its type.

The Condition

The one thing people remember about a house is the state it was in. Did it look sophisticated and stately or broken and old? Was it clean or dirty? Your roof also plays a big role in this. If the colors do not line up well together or there are damaged or missing shingles, it may give the wrong impression and decrease the curb appeal.

The Material

Seasoned home buyers may know exactly what kind of roof they prefer based on previous experience with roof maintenance. First-time home buyers do not often have a preference of roof type being aesthetics. This is something to consider when choosing a roof.

The Color

There are several things that may disguise a roof’s color such as winter snow, fall leaves and spring blossoms. This does not mean the color of your roof doesn’t matter. Consider the exterior of your home when choosing the color of your roof. You want to make certain that the roof color complements the color of your trim, shutters, siding, etc.

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