Discovering mold on your roof or under the shingles can be unsettling. The best way to remedy this is to get a thorough mold inspection in the attic to fully determine the condition of your roof.

Mold is not harmful to the roof; however it will definitely make the roof look bad. Usually, a moldy roof consists of algae, moss and mold. Algae may look slimy green, black or have blue-green streaks. Tiny plants that grow in dense vibrant green mats, that may cover your roof, is mold. Roof molds normally originate from inside the attic and is often due to the presence of roof leaks.

There are multiple ways to clean your roof from mold. Use the following tips when cleaning your roof.

1. Cleaning your roof can be dangerous. You have to climb on top of it in order to clean it. Make sure you wear a harness to secure yourself. Many people hire help from a roof repair company to ensure better results.

2. Pressure washers may seem to be easier to use when cleaning your roof, but it can and may damage the shingles. We suggest using a hose with a nozzle attached instead.

3. You can spray wash the roof with 50% water and 50% bleach to clean off the algae. Let the solution sit for around 60 minutes before rinsing.

4. If you find bleach and water solution too weak for your moldy roof; try using trisodium phosphate. Mix a cup of it for every gallon of water.

5. There are other cleaning solutions available commercially. Observe the labels and make sure you’re using a product that is right for your roof.

Some homeowners consider roof waterproofing in order to prevent moisture and mold growth. While it’s advantageous to be proactive with your roof’s maintenance, hiring help from an exceptional roofing company is your best option.