When a roofing company is working on your home’s roof it can be messy with debris scattered across your property. With the right precautions, by both you and your professional roofer, minimal damage will occur to your property during construction.

Inspect Your Home’s Surroundings
It is important to note the condition of your home’s surroundings BEFORE the roofing project starts. It is beneficial to take pictures or videos around your home so that you can use them as reference after the new roof has been completed. Professional roofing companies and replacement contractors will also do this as part of their routine, making note of any pre-existing damage in the area.

Prepare Your Yard
Mowing your grass the day before your roofing project begins is another way to ensure safety around the worksite. Professional roofers usually use some sort of tarp or drop cloth to protect your grass, plants, shrubs or garden; however, it is often only 5 to 10 feet within the immediate perimeter of your home. It is possible that some debris could fall or blow outside of that area. Mowing the grass before the project begins makes it easier to identify any debris that has landed in your yard.

You should also protect smaller flowers or plants from the weight of the tarps or drop cloths. One way to do this is to place lumber or some other hard surface over them leaning it up against your home. This will provide a makeshift frame for the cloth or tarp to rest on as well as protect plants from accidental trampling. We also recommend covering any patio furniture, yard decorations, pools, jacuzzis, play sets or anything else in your yard even if they are a distance from your roof. This will prevent debris and dust from landing in the area.

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