There are 4 major factors that can impact how long your composition roof should last.

Attic Ventilation 
One of the biggest factors that impacts the life of your composition roof is proper and adequate attic ventilation. This system is what allows your roof and home to “breathe” properly. Without proper ventilation, damage from the trapped cold and hot air will shorten the life of your asphalt roof. Warranties from the roofing materials manufacturers will also be voided without proper ventilation.

Proper Installation
You will get as close to the lifespan as possible when your roofing materials are installed properly. This is why hiring a reputable roofing contractor, like Texan Roofing Pros, is vital to the lifespan of your asphalt roof. Without correct roofing techniques your roof’s life will be negatively impacted and you will need a roof replacement well before it is time. Regardless if you need repairs or a roof replacement, your roofing contractors plays a huge role in every aspect of a composition roof.

Weather Conditions
Wear and tear from weather conditions is inevitable for any roof. The amount of extreme weather conditions your roof is exposed to is really the determining factor of how fast your shingles will go through wear and tear. You are not able to file an insurance claim on general wear and tear; however, you will be able to get damaged shingles or other roofing problems addressed due to heavy hail storm, strong straight-line winds or tornado damage.

Annual roof maintenance is one of the most important factors for getting the most life out of your composition roof. Common roof problems are usually found before they cause extensive damage. This will also help keep debris off the roof, off the gutter line and out of the valleys. Debris that sits on your roof can stay wet and saturate your shingles. This will hinder their ability to perform their main function of keeping you dry. Texan Roofing Pros recommends at least yearly maintenance of your composition roof.

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