You’ve reached that time in the life of your house of roof replacement time. You have probably read all kinds of articles about roof replacement; the dos, the don’ts and hundreds of tips and tricks. You’ve seen the average price of roof replacement it terrified you. The reality is there’s a reason roof replacements are expensive. Roof replacement takes materials required, hard work and the working conditions add to the price. Naturally, you begin to  wonder if you can do the replacement on your own.

We are here to discuss the details of professional and do-it-yourself roof replacements. This will hopefully help you decide which option works best for you.

When can you do DIY replacement?

DIY roof replacement is a great way to attempt to save money and time. However, DIY replacements have limitations. You can’t and shouldn’t replace the entire roof on your own, unless of course you are a roofing contractor. It is not safe for you due to the time it requires and the movements on the roof. Also, you don’t have the necessary skills and tools for a complete roof replacement.

Although, you are able to complete small replacements. When your roof only needs partial replacement and you know exactly what needs to completed, then it may be something you can do on your own. For example, you are able to replace old shingles with new shingles given you have all the safety equipment and measures to work on the roof. You can also identify areas that allow water in and result in leaks. This is another repair that you can complete on your own. We suggest you do some research in advance to make sure that you are not making it worse.

When should you hire a professional contractor?

You should hire a professional roofing contractor if your entire roof needs to be replaced. There are many technicalities involved that you are not able to handle on your own. There is too much risk and liability for you to attempt to complete a full replacement on your own.

Besides the entire roof replacement, there are several other cases when you should turn to a professional for help.

  • Small replacements on surfaces where complicated elements are involved.
  • Leaks that have already made their way to the inside of the house or attic and you are not able to track down all of them.
  • Damaged shingles that are scattered across the entirety of your roof.
  • Your roof has multiple layers and you are not able to determine which layer has the problem.
  • You plan to list your house for sale and you need to make ensure everything is good with your roof.

DIY roof replacements are faster and easier than professional replacements; however, they are less effective and put you at a risk of more issues. Bottom line, don’t complete a full replacement on your own – it’s not safe for you or your family. If the problem is small and you know exactly the issue, then you can complete the repair while following all appropriate safety measures.