Storms are common in the San Antonio, Austin and Rio Grand Valley areas. Once a storm has passed you should check your roof for damage, but only do so when it is safe to go outside. Texan Roofing Pros has a few steps to follow when surveying for damage.

1. Ground Level
While standing on the ground, check for damaged or missing shingles. Due to wind or other storm related weather, shingles may have been blown off exposing the roof deck’s wood.

2. Yard
Look around in your yard, alley or other surrounding areas for shingles that may have blown off and landed on the ground.

3. House Exterior
Look at the exterior features of your home for damage from the storm as well. There may be damaged siding, soffit or fascia as well.

4. Gutters and Downpipes
Check your gutters and downpipes for damage as well. Ensure that they are still firmly attached to your house in all areas.

5. Climb To Roof Level
If you have the appropriate means and it is is safe for you to do so, climb a ladder to your roof and inspect your roof from that level. We recommend someone else watch you do this in case of an accident.

6. Leaks
Check the interior of your home for leaks or water stains. If either are present you more than likely have roof damage.

7. Document
Be sure to document any damage or anything you notice out of the ordinary. It is also advantageous to take picture if possible.

8. Insurance and Warranty
Be sure to check your current insurance policy and roof warranty for the proper steps to take for roof repair.

9. Call a Roofing Expert
Call a professional to provide a roof inspection for any damage that you may have missed. Texan Roofing Pros is ready to serve you with a free roof inspection. Contact us at 210-850-0100 in the San Antonio area or 956-450-3160 in the Rio Grande Valley to learn more of what we can do for you.