You have the option to replace your roof during any season as long as you work with an expert roofing contractor.  Although, there are certain advantages to be enjoyed depending on when you schedule the roof replacement. Some advantages to winter:

Winter months are usually a slow season for the roofing industry so you are able to take advantage of lower labor and material costs. Also, many roofing companies offer off-season deals or discounts. Such price cuts are always helpful to your budget.

Another advantage for you is that with with being a slow season for roofers is you will have an easier time scheduling your roofing project due to more availability of the roofers. With more time your roofing contractor is also able to more easily accomodate a specific request that would normally be problematic during busier seasons with many projects.

Preparing for Selling
Spring is usually the best time to put your house up for sale. By getting your home ready during the winter, you are “ahead of the game” and may give you an edge over other sellers in your area. If you wait until spring for your roofing project you may have to wait several weeks to get on the schedule and this can delay the sale of your home.

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